Scenic spot


Tile house is clear, earth gray wall. There is a neat and orderly tile in the wood shelf wells arranged in an orderly manner, neither monotonous nor boring. A simple and clear feeling in my heart. This beauty is a characteristic beauty ...


The road with slate, the bridge with slate, and the pillars of stone. If you let the visitors wear old clothes, it is a modern or past.


Ancient town, generally refers to a century of history, for the concentration of living buildings. China has a long history, vast land has a lot of deep cultural heritage of the town. Some of which have been included in the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


Cultural management: from the strategic height of the national cultural industry. For example: to create the "Naxi ancient music" "Lishui Sands" "too sun" fire and other cultural industries brand. Long - term international academic exchange forum.

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