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Lishui County is the source of the hundred-li (50kilometers)-long Qinhuai River. There are stories over hill and in every village in the town of Baima.. It is here that the Ruyi Cultural & Artistic Center, Baima town, Nanjing is located.


zhouyuan as a private museum collection of Stone Carving, wood carving, jade carving, ancient bed, antique furniture, statues, murals, Huizhou architecture of the ancient culture, is wholly owned by the British Chinese Zhou Hetong. Who’s the chairman of Nanjing RSL sporting Goods Co.Ltd and the Hong Kong Da Tongli Group. Zhouyuan is a collection of ancient works of art as a cultural platform of star Tour Scenic Area.


The scenic area was built in 2007 with the investment from Mr. Zhou Hetong, completed and officially open in October 29, 2010.Taking the shape of a lucky Ruyi(in china, it is an S-shaped ornamental Scepter made of jade, with a head in the shape of a glossy ganoderma or cloud, and a slightly curved stem, which signifies that everything goes as one wishes),the scenic area of over a hundred mu (about 7 hectares),being composed of the four parts: the Zhouyuan Garden ;the Cultural and Artistic Exhibition Center; Hui quality Cultural and experiencing center,Boutique Exhibition Center.


This is a rare private museum, there is an area of 30 square meters of mahogany bed king, were up to 3000 years, a rare wooden table king of tea, yew has more than 2 thousand square meters of large exquisite hand-painted murals.


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